To journal or not to journal?  Now, that’s a question.  We often picture the journal devotee as one sitting under a leafy green tree, recording profound thoughts and reflections while the gentle breeze carries the delicate sounds of nature…a beautiful picture, but not reality.  This perception is often followed by statements claiming an inability to write anything more than a grocery list and little time to do even that.  What would I write about?   The last time something exciting happened to me, gasoline was under $2.00 a gallon!

Imagine talking with a friend, sharing heart-felt thoughts and impressions when suddenly that friend pulls out a pen and paper and starts recording the things you are sharing.  How would you feel?  Valued? Esteemed?  Blessed? This must be how the Lord feels when we sit with pen in hand (or computer at hand), ready to record His heart-felt thoughts and impressions during our personal moments with Him.  We are telling Him that we expect Him to speak to us and that we value His words enough to write them down.  We have engaged our body, mind and soul as He speaks to us.  “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy name.”  He is blessed.

To journal or not to journal?  We, too, will be blessed when we journal.  If God has taken the time to highlight a scripture in our daily reading of the Bible or drop a thought into our hearts during prayer, it must be because He knows it will benefit us or someone close to us.  It seems, then, that we would want to take care to record it, meditate on it and give wings to its message, never risking the possibility of forgetting it or ignoring it.  Recorded on paper, we can easily evaluate it by the infallible Word of God.  If it doesn’t measure up, then we can relegate it to too much pizza the night before.  But if from Him, our writings, no matter how improper our grammar, will feed our souls for many days to come.  Perhaps out of our journals will come inspirational articles or devotional books or the perfect encouragement for someone in need.

So, let’s grab a notebook or something as simple as a note card, and with pen in hand, approach each moment with God ready to receive and record whatever causes pause in our fellowship with Him.  He will be blessed, and, undoubtedly, so will we.