GRAZING "My Kitchen"

The Woman . . .

"Large active Italian family" aptly describes Phyllis' early years at home in Minneapolis, growing up with four brothers and two sisters.  At the tender age of three, at her own request, Phyllis was introduced to the Lord as she knelt with her mother, Marguerite Annoni, at a sunny kitchen window and repeated a prayer of repentance.  Neither recalls what precipitated her request that day; but following that prayer, she responded with tears streaming down her face, "I feel so clean inside."

Since that early encounter with the Shepherd, Phyllis has followed His path for her life with joy, grateful for His grace when her steps have faltered and for His guidance through difficult choices.  After attending North Central University, she married Tom Benigas, the love of her life, and has served alongside him for the past 40 years in ministry to youth and young adults.  At the present, Tom serves as a short-term world missionary, speaks at conferences and churches and serves as an advisor on several boards and foundations.  Both are proud of their two married children who serve the Lord and minister with fervor in local churches.

Phyllis was humbled by the opportunity to serve on the Assemblies of God World Missions Board as well as manage A/G missionary itineration in Florida.  It gives her great joy to assist missionaries, heroes to say the least, in raising their funds and returning to their field of calling.

With a personal ministry to women, Phyllis enjoys speaking at women's meetings, retreats and conferences.  She comments, "It is a delight for me to share with women the blessing that comes from stepping past our struggles, our insecurities and heartaches, into an understanding of our purpose.  Once we discover the fulfillment that comes from a daily intimate relationship with our creator, our challenges no longer rob us of peace and joy but become the instruments of growth and character-building they are intended to be."


The Ministry . . .

Author, speaker, minister's wife, mom and whatever hat is handed to her, Phyllis embraces life with a dependence on the Shepherd for His guidance, His wisdom and His heartbeat.  Her ministry will make you laugh and cry; it will encourage, yet challenge when necessary; and it will make every effort to draw each one into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

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