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Intimate Moments with the Shepherd
by Phyllis Benigas

The familiar message of the 23rd Psalm has never been more relevant to the challenges we face today than as portrayed in this new devotional book.

"Author Phyllis Benigas takes readers into the imagery in Psalm 23. Readers will delve into the possibilities of a relationship with Jesus through the illustration of the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep.  These 52 beautifully written vignettes are soothing, comforting, and provide encouraging lessons that are backed by stunning visual examples."  (Creation House)





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A look inside "Intimate Moments with the Shepherd:"

"God wants us to understand that we are never too used, too ugly, too divorced, too tempted, too raped, or too sheared of anything to belong with Him in the fold along with the other souls just like us."  (Chapter 48, Shear Humiliation)



"We may feel left out in the cold and may cry, 'Nobody cares.'  It is risky to allow our destiny to be determined by someone else's failure to care." (Chapter 44, Left out in the Cold)

"We have a Shepherd, the Lord Jesus, to guide us along life's pathway,
and all we have to do is follow."

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